Materials Needed

Paracord – (4) 30″ Pieces
Paper Clip
Ruler or Tape Measure
Scissors or Spool Tool

Step 1

Take one piece of paracord and find the center. Paper clip the loose ends at the 4″ mark.

Step 2

Cris cross the loose ends. Now start a standard cobra weave knot.

Step 3

Cobra stitch knot. Take the cord on the right side and place it over the 2 inner cords. Now take the cord on the left side over the right side cord, under the 2 inner cords and back up thru the loop. Pull it tight to form the first part of the knot. A good tip to remember when braiding is that which ever side goes over, always leads the knot.

Step 4

Continue weaving your paracord until you get to the end. This length is 8 complete knots/weaves.

Step 5

Cut off the excess paracord and burn the ends. FINISHED!