Materials Needed

Paracord – 25 Ft.
Ruler or Tape measure
Scissors/Spool Tool
Dowels or Similar
2 – Rubber Bands
Paperclip or Similar

Step 1

Put dowels along both sides of the water bottle. Secure them with the 2 rubber bands. 1 near top and 1 near bottom.

Step 2

Take the paracord and start wrapping around the water bottle until you get the desired length you want.

Step 3

Attach a broken paper clip to the paracord end. You can push it through it, or sear it onto the paracord.

Step 4

Start weaving. I choose to do every 3. So over 3 and under 3 until i got to the end. Then loop back around and continue this process until you cannot do any more.

Step 5

Tighten your weaves. Pull back to tighten/straighten the passes.

Step 6

Remove the dowels as you run out of room to continue weaving the paracord.

Step 7

Your last pass will overlap your first pass to bring it back to the start. Cut your starting and ending pieces down so you can fuse them together. Make sure all sides are equally the same height. You may need to pull or twist paracord. Finished!