Video Tutorial provided by Rock Paracord

Materials Needed

(2) 6’ Pieces
Side Release Buckle
Ruler or Tape measure

Step 1

Take both pieces of the cord and fuse them together.

Step 2

Take your female end of the buckle and slide the cord up and over the buckle. You can leave the fused end further down so you can cover it with the weave.

Step 3

Pull cord thru the male end of buckle. This is the point where you will measure the bracelet to the length you want it to be.

Step 4

Snake knot weave. Take your left side over all cord, and loop around the back. Next, take the right side behind the cord, up and over the strands, and thru the loop the left cord made.

Step 5

Pull everything tight. You will continue this braid until you cannot make any more knots.

Step 6

Cut and burn off excess cord. Finished!