Materials Needed

Paracord – (2) 20’ Pieces
3.3’ Charger cable
Ruler or Tape Measure

Step 1

Take both pieces of the cord and fuse them together.

Step 2

Step 2 – Place your charger cord on top of the fused knot. You might plug your phone into the charging cord so it holds it in place while you weave strands.

Step 3

Cobra stitch knot. Take the cord on the left side and place it over the charging cord. now take the cord on the right side over the left side cord, under the charging cable and back up thru the loop. Pull it tight to form the first part of the knot. A good tip to remember when braiding is that which ever side goes over, always leads the knot.

Step 4

Continue weaving your paracord until you get to the end.

Step 5

Cut off the excess paracord and burn the ends. Finished!