Video Tutorial provided by Rock Paracord

Materials Needed

Paracord -(2)10’ Pieces
Ruler or Tape measure

Step 1

Fold both strands in half. start a round braid by kris crossing and flipping under. remember that the front strand goes to the right, and the right strand goes to the front. flip back and forth until you get the desired length you want. it should be long enough to fit over your head. About 28” long.

Step 2

Now take 2 of the 4 strands and tuck them through the end of the braid (Start Of Braid).

Step 3

Take the inner 2 strands and line up down the center. Take the outside 2 strands and MAKE 12 cobra braid knots.

Step 4

With the remaining 2 strands that were used down the center, you will measure out how long you want your nooses to be. About 5” from the bottom of the cobra braid.

Step 5

To make a noose you will start by making an “s” with your strand. Then wrap the strand around the paracord 6 times and pull through the loop to tight the noose.

Step 6

Clean up all excess cord. FINISHED!