Video Tutorial provided by Rock Paracord

Materials Needed

(2) 25’ Pieces – (1) 30’ Piece
Adjustable rifle strap
Quick detachable swivels
Ruler or Tape measure

Step 1

Take your middle color (orange) and fold in half. Attach to swivel. Then take the camo cord and fold to double the length of the amount you want the sling to be. Keep the shorter end on the inside. Attach to the swivel. Repeat same process for last piece of paracord on opposite side of swivel.

Step 2

Take the 2 shorter strands and pull them through your adjustable rifle strap, and back up to the swivel. Tuck the strands in the knots.

Step 3

Next, take your inner orange strand and tie a cobra knot with the outside camo strand. Repeat on opposite side. Now take that same orange piece from the left side and make a cobra knot on the right. This makes the back look symmetrical.

Step 4

When you get to the end you will want to even out your strands. Pull opposite ends and work cord down. Until the cord is tight.

Step 5

Loop your inner and outer strands through the clip. Use forceps to pull through cobra knots on back. Clean up cord with lighter. Do the same with top strands and swivel.

Step 6

Add your remaining swivel to your adjustable strap. Sew it in place.